Making a Lego Prosthetic Arm for Beknur

11-15 mins


Primary 5-8, Secondary


To show students an example of someone who creatively solved a problem he faced, and then reached out to help someone else.

We walk away knowing

We can use our creativity, and our experiences, to help others.

A new arm!

In this video we meet David Aguilar who was born with an arm that was not completely developed; when he was 18, he made himself a functioning prosthetic arm out of Lego. Now he is using his creative skills to make an arm for eight-year-old Baknur.

Watch the video and use it as a starting point to chat about some of these questions:

  • David talks about being bullied, he says, "It's hard, being the different one." Have you ever felt like that?
  • What can we learn from this about how to treat people?
  • David explains the process in building his arm and how many different designs he had to try. What can we learn from this?
  • David uses his expertise to help someone else who needs a new arm. Do you think that he would have thought of making a Lego arm if he hadn't needed one himself?
  • Beknur is so excited to see his new arm. Did you enjoy seeing him so happy?
  • Beknur's mum says, the most important thing to her is that Beknur has good self-esteem and that he can participate with the other students at school. Can you think of ways that you can make sure you include people even if they can't always do all the same things as you can?
  • How does this video show the idea of You Have Value?
  • How does this video show the idea of We Succeed Together?
  • How does this video show the idea of Others Matter?

See David's story here: Building a Prosthetic Arm with Lego

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Beknur's New Arm