Joe Schmidt Shares What Reminds Him that He has Value

You Have ValueVideoIndividual 1-2 mins
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Coaches and Athletes, Teachers and Students


To understand how living by positive values builds up our sense of our own value.

We walk away knowing

When I live by my values, I feel valuable.

What's your map?

Listen to Joe Schmidt talk about he lives by the map of positive values, and how this makes him feel more valuable.


  • Joe quotes Stephen Shapiro in this video. The full quote is: "Use a compass, not a map. Have a sense of direction, and then let yourself wander and try new things on the way to fulfilling your aspirations.” What does this mean to you?
  • Joe suggests that you shouldn't map your life out, instead you should have a compass of some really good values that direct your path. What values would you include in your compass?
  • How does living by your values reinforce your sense of personal worth?
  • What about when you fail to live up to your own values? We all make mistakes sometimes. How can you remind yourself of your value in the times when you have failed?

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