The One and Only Self-Portrait Activity!

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 31-60 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary


To remind students that they are unique individuals worthy of celebrating!

We walk away knowing

I am the one and only me!

Never to be repeated!

This poster activity gives students the chance to create a self-portrait in a circus-style frame which declares them to be "the one and only!" "amazing!" "never to be repeated!"

Simply print out enough for your class and let them colour the frames and complete their self-portraits inside the frames.

There is a digital version of this activity here, where students can take a selfie and insert a digital frame: The One and Only Selfie Activity! Nicky proofread Christy add download when Cara finished

This activity links with the fun introduction activity: Introducing the One and Only... (Christy add links to other resources...)