Value vs Respect

You Have ValuePrintablesGroup 11-15 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To delve into the difference between having value and having respect.

We walk away knowing

Value and respect are different. We should treat people with respect because they are valuable.

In this simple activity, students think about the difference between Value and Respect. Students will understand that value is a constant, but respect can be earned or lost. They will also understand that value is something we should recognise in others and this helps us to treat them with respect.


Printed worksheets or paper for brainstorming.


This is a simple task students can do individually or in groups. You may wish to link it to another lesson.

  1. Give students the printed worksheet, or write the questions up on the board for everyone to see.
  2. Give students time to brainstorm underneath the headings what they think value is and what they think respect is.
  3. Have students circle the things that are the same for both respect and value and highlight the things that are different.
  4. Discuss as a whole class the things that they have written, you may wish to facilitate the following ideas:
  • We are born with value
  • We can’t lose our value
  • We can earn more respect
  • We can lose people’s respect
  • Respect and value can both be nouns and verbs, we can have them and show them.
  • Because we know that people are valuable, we should do our best to treat them with respect.


  1. Ask the students to explain how this relates to the E Tū Tāngata strands of You Have Value and Others Matter.
  2. You may wish to take some time to tie this back to your own school values.

Next Steps

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